Company profile

    ZYNP is dedicated to being the leading global provider of products, solutions and supply chain management to OEMs within the power piston market segment and attains profitable growth while sustaining reliability and advancement of our products.

    ZYNP is a leading global automotive supplier of quality products and services that derive from the company's long and rich legacy of superior leadership and technological innovations.ZYNP's history dates back to more than 50 years ago toMengzhou, China where it was founded in 1958. ZYNP's manufacturing base is located in Mengzhou, with a total of 5,000 employees in China and North America.

    With the most advanced R&D capability as well as the latest in manufacturing technology, ZYNP manufactures cylinder liners for gasoline and diesel engines.ZYNPcurrently occupies the largest OEM market globally, and since July 2010 has gone public in the stock exchange market of China.

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