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ZYNP Held Aerobics Exhibition Game for the Staffs

  At 9:00 AM, October 18, the exhibition game was held in the company Club. Each team from the different departments showed their excellent performance. This game obtained the support of all the leaders. The leaders of company (Jianjun Xue, Zhongying Wang, Zengjun Dang, Dongping Liu, Mingcheng, Qingling Wang, Zhijun Liu) attended this game as the judges. Jianjun Xue, Chairman of Board Supervisor, addressed for this game.

  Each team utilized the spare time to exercise before the game. On the stage, each team not only had the different style clothes, but also had the different play mold. At the same time, each team showed the exciting and feeling performance. During the exhibition, rounds of applause broke out continually.

  After two hours’ intense competition,the team from the Machining 1st Plant obtained the champion through their excellent performance. The Q.C. Department and the Machining 3rd Plant obtained the second award. The Machining 5th Plant and Foundry 2 Plant obtained the third award. And the Supporting Department obtained

  the “Best Organization Team Award”.

  This exhibition game fully showed the company employees’ enterprising spirit and unity ability.

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